Huawei & Honor September (2020) Security Updates List

Here’s the list of all the firmware updates with September, 2020 security patches available on this site for Huawei and Honor phones & tablets. This list is continuously updated with the release of new firmware updates.

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September Security Patch List

DeviceModelFirmwareSecurity PatchEMUIRegionDownload
Huawei Mate 20 ProLYA-L2910.1.0.318September 1 (2020)10.1EuropeView Firmware
Honor 20YAL-L2110.1.0.250September 1 (2020)10.1EuropeView Firmware
Huawei P40 LiteJNY-LX110.1.0.245September 1 (2020)10.1Middle EastView Firmware
Huawei Mate XsTAH-N29m10.1.0.166September 1 (2020)10.1EuropeView Firmware
Huawei P30 ProVOG-L2910.1.0.163September 1 (2020)10.1Middle EastView Firmware
Huawei P40 Lite EART-L29N10.1.0.142September 1 (2020)10.1EuropeView Firmware
Huawei P20 LiteANE-LX19.1.0.370September 1 (2020)9.1EuropeView Firmware
Honor 8AJAT-LX1/JAT-L219.1.0.362September 1 (2020)9.1RussiaView Firmware
Huawei Y5 (2019)AMN-LX99.1.0.325September 1 (2020)9.1Central AsiaView Firmware
Huawei Y7 (2019)DUB-LX1/DUB-L218.2.0.146September 1 (2020)8.2RussiaView Firmware
Huawei MediaPad M5 LiteJDN2-L099.1.0.240September 1 (2020)9.1EuropeView Firmware
Huawei Nova 5TYAL-L2110.1.0.267September 1 (2020)10.1Middle EastView Firmware
Huawei Nova 5TYAL-L2110.1.0.266September 1 (2020)10.1RussiaView Firmware
Huawei Mate 20HMA-L2910.1.0.313September 1 (2020)10.1RussiaView Firmware
Huawei P30 ProVOG-L2910.1.0.161September 1 (2020)10.1EuropeView Firmware
Honor 30SCDY-NX93.1.1.197September 1 (2020)10.1EuropeView Firmware
Huawei P Smart (2019)POT-LX110.0.0.254September 1 (2020)10.0Central AsiaView Firmware
Huawei P Smart ZSTK-LX1/STK-L2110.0.0.216September 1 (2020)10.0Central AsiaView Firmware
Huawei P30ELE-L2910.1.0.161September 1 (2020)10.1EuropeView Firmware
Huawei P30 LiteMAR-LX1M/MAR-L2110.0.0.312September 1 (2020)10.0RussiaView Firmware
Huawei P30 LiteMAR-LX1M/MAR-L2110.0.0.304September 1 (2020)10.0Central AsiaView Firmware
Huawei P40ANA-NX9/ANA-N2910.1.0.170September 1 (2020)10.1Middle EastView Firmware

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