Huawei P20 Lite Android 9.0 Pie Update Now Available [Europe]

You can now download the official Android 9.0 Pie update, version, for the European Huawei P20 Lite (ANE-L21) variant on our website. Full changelog, download link and instructions for installation for this update are provided below.

Huawei P20 Lite


  • Device: Huawei P20 Lite (ANE-L21)
  • Firmware Build: (C432)
  • Android: 9.0 Pie (EMUI 9.1)
  • Region: Europe
  • Download: Click here


  1. Download the update zip package to your computer.
  2. Extract the zip package.
  3. Open the ‘Software’ folder.
  4. Copy the entire ‘dload’ folder to your phone’s internal storage (top-level directory).
  5. Power off your phone.
  6. Hold Vol up + Vol down + Power until you see the EMUI update screen.
  7. Boot your phone normally once the update completes.
  8. You can now remove the dload folder from your internal storage.

Official Changelog

EMUI 9.1 is here. Built on Android Pie, EMUI 9.1 preserves that essential Android flavor, with an added dash of nature and simplicity. This new version contains wonderful new technology and streamlined processes, as well as a friendlier, more beautiful design. Our improved, intuitive interface brings greater convenience in work and daily use, safeguards your data, helps you to understand your digital habits and more. We couldn’t be more proud to put EMUI 9.1 in your palm, and we hope it brings you joy and delight. Note: The time required to install this update may vary depending on your device and network.

Simply natural

Nature’s sounds Alarms and ringtones are inspired by nature, bringing the wild back to your everyday. Illustrated functionality We’ve made it easier to learn about your phone with graphically engaging instructions and descriptions. Simple settings EMUI 9.1 unifies, combining once separate functions into a single, streamlined experience. All of your most frequently used settings are easier to access.

Streamlined efficiency

Digital balance Understand your habits, manage your time, and get plenty of sleep. Digital balance helps you balance your device usage, so you and your family can live in perfect harmony with technology. Faster launch times We’ve improved launch speeds for the most popular apps on the market. Recorder Adds features such as edit and speed up to Recorder, and optimizes the interface for consistency and ease of operation.

Update notes:

1. This update will not erase your personal data, but we recommend that you back up any important data before updating.

2. Some third-party apps that are not compatible with Android 9.0 may function incorrectly after the update. It is recommended that you update these apps to their latest versions in the Google Play Store.

3. If you encounter any issues during the update, please call the Huawei customer service hotline or visit a Huawei customer service center for assistance.

4. Your home screen layout may be rearranged slightly.

5. This system version can be rolled back to the official version of EMUI 8.0 in HiSuite. Rolling back the system version will erase your personal data. For more information, please contact the customer service hotline.

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